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20Pantone Colour of the Year 2017
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Pantone recently introduced 'Greenery' as their colour of the year and we are so excited to have such a revitalising and refreshing tone to design with over the coming months. Greenery is all about rejuvenation and a reconnection with nature and we see this working with so many event themes. To end the year, and begin 2017, we are going to share with you a number of ways to make this colour pop at your special event, and how to use it as a basis of your wedding design if you are at the beginning stages of planning.

Our first theme is 'Eden Forest'. We have taken 'Greenery' back to it's origins and introduced it to a garden of new beginnings. Here the colours are rich and fruitful, with lavish and organic undertones. We love the use of a deep plum and vibrant red to add drama amongst tones of greens. The yellow pop of colour adds a sense of strength and independence - a shade not for the faint hearted! Yellows can be hard to use in event design as they can wash out a lot of other colours and make arrangements become insipid and weak, but this tone of yellow is bold, and paired with all the other colours creates an unusual tone mix which really works. 

If you are getting married in 2017, an 'Eden Forest' style will work well for you if you love wild foliage, deep colours and playfulness. It is a modern move on from 'rustic, earthy' weddings which we have seen so much of over the past year. Now it the time to step away from muted tones and jump into an elegant palette of vibrant tones that complement each other.

Key flowers that work well within this style will be purple Hellebores, Mimosa, Blueberry Rose. And we shouldn't forget to mention that this palette is all about fruit! Use rich, red apples, dusky figs and blood oranges amongst your floral displays to stand out from the crowd.

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